Friday, March 31st, 2023

The stunning Royal Family lodge in the middle of South West London Park which is still used as a home

When you think of homes owned by the Royal Family, the first few that spring to mind are likely Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace. But what about the others? The Royal Family owns homes, castles and palaces all over the country with many of them being bought with private funds.

One such home is located in a secluded corner of Richmond Park in West London and was bought by the late Queen’s first cousin, Princess Alexandra, and her husband Angus Ogilvy after their wedding in 1963 and was where the couple raised their two children, James and Marina.

Thatched House Lodge has a fascinating backstory steeped in London’s royal history and is where Princess Alexandra continues to live today after she was widowed on Boxing Day in 2004.

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Thatched House Lodge in Richmond Park is still lived in by Princess Alexandra(Image: Robert Smith)

The Grade-II listed property sits in a far corner of Richmond Park and was originally built as two houses in 1673 for park keepers. It was then changed to serve as a grace-and-favour home for various members of the Royal Family.

Nestled among four acres of land, the stunning mansion has been home to Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy since 1963, who previously shared it with her late husband Sir Angus Ogilvy and their two children, James and Marina.

In the same year that the couple moved in, their home was targeted by burglars who reportedly stole £6,000 and a number of valuable possessions. Among the stolen goods were many wedding presents – including a gold cigarette case given to Sir Angus by The late Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

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