Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

Jason Byrne’s Ryanair nightmare after leaving wallet on flight before passenger’s kind gesture

Irish comic, Jason Byrne, took to social media this week slamming Ryanair staff after he had to go through an insanely long process to retrieve his wallet that he left on a plane.

He explained that he had gotten off the Ryanair plane in haste and forgot his wallet on his seat – and even knew exactly where it was.

Despite this, an air hostess told him that neither she nor he could not go back onto the aircraft and would have to go to the help desk in the terminal.

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After walking back through the airport, the assistant at the desk called the plane and simply said there was no one answering and that he would have to contact lost and found.

In a video posted to Facebook, Jason Byrne explained: “So, I was on a Ryanair flight coming back from Kerry and I left my wallet on the plane right?

“Now, I didn’t lose it… I left it on the plane. So I get off the Ryanair flight and I get into the terminal bit and went ‘ah, oh my god, my wallet,’ it’s on seat 6F, I know exactly where it is.

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